Working in all facets of Interior Design, Genine has a passion for taking something dull and old and increasing it’s profit capability, whether it be a holiday rental, a home or an investment upgrade. With strengths in spacial planning, functional forms and project management Genine can successfully transform any dwelling into a beautiful space.

Her life experience through working in creative industries such as Music, Television and TV ad production, ensured she was always surrounded by creative people and interesting, sometimes unusual scenarios. Through this life journey her own creative passion of designing spaces began to emerge thus undertaking her studies later on.

Having renovated her own holiday rental properties in the Byron Bay Hinterland and turning them into profitable running businesses she decided to formalize her qualifications and studied for her Advanced Diploma in Interior Design and Decoration attaining a Distinction for all design work.

Now managing a small group of holiday house and investment rentals in the Byron Bay Hinterland her knowledge coupled with a keen eye for textures, organic forms and natural colour palettes has led to her specializing in this field of design.

‘My goal is to bring a natural uncomplicated beauty to all spaces without forgetting the comfort of the potential guests or the financial gain the property will achieve after a transformation. The needs of a holiday house is different to the house you live in – you want your guests to feel cocooned by a welcoming warmth’.

‘Getting the elements right is the key to achieving a high occupancy which in turn creates a positive turnover’.

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