Situated at Burraneer Bay in a premier waterfront location within the Sutherland Shire, recent empty nesters Mark and Debbie had completed a contemporary upgrade to the exterior of their newly purchased house to complement its surrounds. With plans to stay in residence for another decade they made the decision to upgrade the internal areas to reflect the recent external renovation and to provide them with chic contemporary environments to relax at home and entertain guests and family.


Originally built in the eighties with a 2nd level extension added some time later, the house provides the owners with vast internal living spaces that offer spectacular views of the bay. The layout itself did not need reconfiguring but rather replacement of materials, retreatment of existing fittings and new furnishings. Due to the large size of the internal areas, the owners nominated to update in stages, the first being the entry and informal living area.

Starting with a selection of new floor tiles and joinery designs which incorporate a fireplace and television, cool tones were used to brighten up the downstairs area and create a light and airy feel to the space, also setting the tone for the furnishing selections. To add to the contemporary design, elements such as existing internal doors and hardware, architraves and skirting were updated and new recessed lighting implemented.

The changes to these hard material elements provided a base for the custom made contemporary furniture, and décor elements chosen to complete Stage 1. Considerable time and effort was put into the selection of fabrics, rugs and artwork with each piece connecting a theme of colour and pattern throughout.


There is an immediate connection between the interior and exterior. Upon entry into Mark and Debbie’s home, a contemporary living environment is evident. Light and open the contemporary upgrade provides a sophisticated yet relaxing living environment for the owners to retreat to and welcome in guests to enjoy.

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