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After a 5 month renovation period from concept to final handover, ‘Boon Luck Farmstead’ in the Byron Bay Hinterland is now ready for the holiday trade!

This project was immense and like all projects I embark on, my approach was to make the house work best for my client. As restaurant owners with a love of biodynamic produce, they have turned the acres surrounding the house into a produce farm, which sustains their love of sharing meals with family and friends. The renovation therefore required a large area of the house to be allocated for cooking, dining and entertaining. This led to the creation of new and larger openings than the house originally offered. With a stunning rural outlook these zones have the ability to easily spill onto the outside porch.

Accommodation also needed to be increased. With a clever approach to redefining the existing floorplan we created a separate sleeping and office zone, added another bedroom and also a bathroom, all without the need to extend outside the existing footprint. The house now accommodates 12 from it’s previous capacity of 8.

Once the construction work was complete the material and décor design was implemented. We changed every surface in a cost effective and eco friendly manner to create a modern, warm & rustic feel.

I loved every minute of working on Boon Luck Farmstead. As both the Designer and Project Manager I was grateful and fortunate to work with a wonderful team of trades in Byron who worked with great commitment to help bring my ideas together.

At this idyllic farmstead, in their newly renovated space, my clients have cooked with and entertained a number of Australia’s best known chefs, and love to cook for their family and friends. I am lucky to know that I achieved a successful transformation for them, because on a number of occasions my dear clients email me to let me know what a great feeling the house has.

As a designer it is my absolute duty to create more than beautiful spaces. I create solutions that meet my clients needs, provide the opportunity for financial gain and most importantly feel good to live in. After all, the basis of good design – is the human experience!


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