Well hello and welcome to my brand new website!

These are exciting times for me as I’m ready to share with the world my passion for designing spaces.  I might add that this wouldn’t have been possible without my beautiful friend and graphic designer, Vicki McGuiness who brought all my work to life in this website, thank you Vicki!

Let me introduce myself.

I’m an extroverted person by nature who easily connects with people around me, sometimes just with a big smile and a large laugh, but always with a warm heart. My gregarious and confident personality strikes a cord with people but this might also be because I have a sincere desire to learn about those around me and take interest in their background and ways of life.

I have a strong need to always learn more and become more aware of the world around me and it is through my overseas travels on which I have formed a strong global and natural aesthetic with a love of texture.

It is this interest in people, lifestyle and other cultures which I take cue from in all my designs, I never forget that I am designing for others, not just for myself, therefore I create homes with warmth that are liveable and look great.

The flip side to my nature is that I am driven to create income from our own assets – residential, rentals and holiday homes. Coupling design and profit is what I aim to ensure all my clients benefit from.

My designs do not obsess over current trends, nor do they cost a fortune. They create a sense of warmth and beauty that will remain appealing for a long time to come.



  • Catherine

    EXTREMELY proud of you Genine- I knew you were a born renovator and stylist from your first orange and chocolate mood board all those years ago xxx your ‘old’ design teacher !!!

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